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Wednesday of Holy Week

Well, it seems as though Google decided that there was nothing too offensive about them in my re-submitted blog (see previous blog for details) as they did not remove it.  I think the mistake I made in the original posting was to have a paragraph about my difficulties with Google in red which must have made them see red!  

As well, I must apologize for the lateness of this posting.  I had such a busy Wednesday that I was only able to start working on this submission last night.  I was just too tired so I went to bed, had some sleep and am now ready to write!

Icon "The Sorrowful Meeting", by the hand of Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2013

I came across an icon several months ago which seemed to show the dead Christ in the arms of His mother but to me she appeared to be standing, holding her Son.  Christ's eye were closed (very unusual thing to see in an icon) and the marks of His crucifixion were on His body.

I hope the writer of the icon I worked from will contact me so that I can give him or her credit for their contribution to my drawing.  Unfortunately, I found their icon in someone else's work with no artist's name attached.   

I was very intrigued by this icon and wanted to copy it but I felt it had to be a scene where the two of them were standing and it also had to be before the marks of His passion were showing in His body.

Eventually, I came up with a scenario where I imagined our Lady being there just after Christ had been stripped in preparation for His scourging.  The soldiers, uncharacteristically, allowed the two of them just the briefest moment together. Mary had to embrace her Son as his hands are tied.  This embrace is what the icon is trying to depict.

Working on such an image this close to the Passion of our Lord has been very beneficial in helping me to remain aware of the price that had to be paid for my salvation and the salvation of all people, of all creation.  As we enter into these final, terrible but blessed days of the Lenten Season, may we be ever more aware of how much God loves each and every one of us.



Braden is doing well these days -- sleeping through the night (much to the relief of his parents) -- and gradually getting his baby teeth.  The teeth business, of course, sometimes makes him cranky, but I understand from a reliable source (his mom) that he continues to be a happy, healthy boy ... thanks be to God.

"Hello world!  Are you ready for me?"



"Why are you moving MY furniture?"
Yesterday was a very traumatic day for Suki -- very traumatic.  Much of the furniture was being moved around and now a number of items are in new locations.  Everyone who knows cats also knows how much they hate for the furniture in their homes to be changed -- cat do not like change!

As for why all this moving was occurring, I will explain.

I got a new bed!  As many of you know, I ended up being forced to sleep in a recliner for the past couple of years after breaking my neck in 2011.  There was simply no way I could get enough neck support with regular pillows -- or so it seemed at the time.  This, as you can imagine, has been very difficult as recliners were made for naps, not bedtimes.  Finally, with the help of some nurses at the hospital, I found out how to arrange pillows in such a way that I could get the support needed for my neck.  This meant I could once again sleep in a bed.  Oh, happy day.

So, even though it is only a single bed, its arrival meant that many pieces of furniture had to be moved in order to accommodate it.  Joycelyn offered to help me and she did the majority of the work.  (She is amazingly strong.).  So we were all ready by the time the bed was delivered and once it was assembled, she made the bed for me so I was able to sleep in it for the first time last night.  It was quite an experience.

Suki, once all the moving stopped, began to settle down, no longer looking so wild-eyed as she had for most of the day.  After she had sniffed each piece of furniture that had been moved and then carefully sniffed the new bed, she jumped up on it and took a nap!

After resting for a while, she got up and began exploring again.  As her route for getting into the bedroom window had been changed, she quickly discovered a new way to get there as well as to her "crow's nest" bed.  In no time at all, in fact, she had discovered where all her favourite sleeping places had gone and seemed delighted that she actually had a new one:  my bed!  What a cat!!

As for me, in the midst of all that activity yesterday, I had a doctor's appointment at St. Mike's.  First they did a new breathing test for me and re-confirmed that I have classic asthma and need to be back on my puffers.  I have been so involved with other medical issues over these past few years that I had allowed myself to stop using them even though I could tell the difference in my ability to breath properly.  Thankfully, I did not have any asthma attacks during this time.  So, now I have promised to use my puffers faithfully.

I also saw the sleep clinic doctor who was pleased with the progress we are making in keeping me awake during the daytime.  She adjusted that medication which medication, I must say, is making a huge difference these days in my quality of life as I am able to basically sleep at night and be awake during the day -- something I have been unable to do in any normal fashion for the past six years!

Now, all that is left, at this time, to work on are my eyes and eyebrows (or lack of eyebrows might be more accurate!).  That appointment will be on the 8th.

Otherwise, all else is reasonably well at the moment.  I am hoping to be able to get to Mass on Easter Sunday.  I would love to attend Holy Thursday Mass and the Good Friday liturgy, but that will probably not happen.  I keep praying that someone will come along with a car who offers to pick me up for these events and bring me home, but no one has offered thus far.  So, I will just keep praying.

Speaking of praying, I am praying that all who read this blog will be blessed according to their need.  As well, I want to wish all of you a joy-filled and happy Easter (and a blessed Passover to those who are Jewish).  May we all experience deeply that peace which God alone can give.

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