Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Some Repeats


"Zebra Pitcher Plant", drawing by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2013
Even though I have already featured Pitcher Plants recently, I did want to show you an additional drawing I finished just last week.  To me it is possibly the prettiest of all the pitcher plants with its striking black and white "zebra" stripes.  Of course, it, too, is rigged to eat whatever it traps in that "pitcher" sitting there, appearing so innocent and yet so deadly to things that creep, crawl and fly!


"Orchid (type unknown but similar to Ghost Orchid)", drawing by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2013

"Ghost Orchid", drawing by
Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2012
Here are two more orchids.  It seems that I just never get tired of trying to draw orchids even though I am not very successful at it.

These two new ones were just listed as Orchids so I don't know their proper names.  Because I had the common name, Ghost Orchid, (which I have posted previously), I was able to locate its proper name of Dendrophylax lindenii.  But when a photo is only labelled as "orchid", there is really nothing to work with!

I remember telling you once how many different species of Orchids there are in the world -- in fact, I remember reading that they are not even sure that all the different species have been found and catalogued! 

"Orchid (type unknown),", drawing by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2013
If anyone reading this posting has any idea as to either the common names or the proper names of these two "unknown" orchids, please let me know so I can do a bit of research on them.



Braden is starting to crawl!  Another milestone.  In the first 3 photos below, he is listening to his mom explain to him why it is almost impossible for him to crawl on highly polished wood floors.  He appears to be a very attentive listener!  (BTW, isn't he adorable!).

Later, we find Braden back in his play pen watching a bit of TV and playing with his toys.



"Mr. Ginger and miz k.d.", photo taken 1994
Kittens are adorable to most people even when they look a bit funny like the white kitten in this photograph!  This photo, by the way, was lost (or so I thought) and was just re-discovered by me recently.  I wanted to scan it into my computer as it is one of the few I have now of the white cat as a kitten.  

Let me introduce you to these cats:  the striped cat was called Mr. Ginger. Mr. Ginger was my first cat in about 15 years and he came to live with me in 1993 when he was already about 4 years old.  The following year, someone talked me into adopting the little white cat who was about six months old at the time.  I named her miz k.d.

When I first brought miz k.d. home, she was fearless, getting into everything.  I used to say that the H on top of her head referred to the fact that she was undoubtedly the cat from Hell!  However, I noticed over time that her personality changed completely.  She went from being fearless to being one of the most fearful cats I have ever known.  I simply could not understand what was going on with her.

During the next four years, she grew into a large and beautiful pure white cat.  The black H on the top of her head simply disappeared soon after her first birthday.  Life settled into fairly predictable ways with the cats appearing to get along reasonably well, but miz k.d. never regained her boldness.  Then one day the mystery was solved.

I was standing in another room but just happened to be in a position where I could just see the two cats in the other room, reflected in the mirror beside me.  As I watched I saw Mr. Ginger walk up to miz k.d. and hit her hard across the face.  miz k.d. just cowered and did not retaliate.  Then Mr. Ginger hit her again, even harder -- he was, by the time, a really big ginger cat -- close to 18 pounds -- and he wasn't fat -- this time I heard miz k.d. whimper.  The sound practically broke my heart.

I yelled and Mr. Ginger quickly moved away and started nonchalantly grooming himself.  miz k.d. did not even move.  I was really distressed and truly did not know what to do.  It was obvious that he must have been abusing her since she was a kitten, but never in my presence!  The only solution seemed to me to be to permanently separate the two of them.  I was pretty sure that Mr. Ginger could adjust to a new home easily so long as he was the only cat.  miz k.d. on the other hand was an abuse victim and I knew that any move would be very difficult for her as people would expect her to act like a regular cat and I was pretty sure that she was never going to be a regular cat again and as it turned out, I was right!

So, I spoke with my vet and she started looking for a new home for Mr. Ginger.  One turned up quickly.  A couple of guys, who only wanted one cat, were delighted when they met Mr. Ginger and he was quickly adopted.  I heard that he settled in nicely as I was sure he would.  

miz k.d. stayed with me and I accommodated her fears and phobias for the remainder of her life.  She lived to be 15 when she experienced kidney failure.  After her death, I told myself that I was going to wait at least 6 months or more before bringing home another cat.  About a month and a half later, Suki came to live with me!  So much for my resolution.

"How Suki might have looked as a Kitten", 
drawing by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2012
Suki was already one year old when I brought her home.  You are all familiar with her story.  Wisely, I have refrained from trying to have another cat at the same time although I think Suki would actually be OK with a younger cat around.  However, it would really be much too much work for me.

Speaking of me, I am doing much the same.  I saw my new  ophthalmologist for the first time today and it was basically a good experience.  He wants me to get new glasses to accommodate the double vision in my left eye.  This should give me some relief from these daily eye strain headaches.

Otherwise, all is as well as it can be for the moment.  

I apologize for the lateness of this posting; however, the doctor put those drops in my eyes which really enlarge your pupils and so I had to wait a while after coming back home before I could continue working on my blog posting as everything was so blurry.  Things are still not back to normal, but I can see much better than I could a few hours ago.

So, I will end today's post with a wish that the blessings of God may be poured out abundantly on you and all your dear ones.

May the peace of God be with us all.

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