Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Unusual Water Lily

"Nymphaea 'Black Princess?", drawing by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2013
[The reason for a question mark following the name is I am simply unsure about the identity]

I read once just how many different varieties of Water Lilies there are -- I can't recall the numbers, but there were a huge number of them when all the "cultivars" were added in.  So, it is no wonder that it is so difficult to confirm the identity of a particular plant -- especially when I am not a trained botanist!  

I think this may be a cultivar known as "Black Princess" so I am calling the drawing "Black Princess ?".  I can be certain of the genus, Nymphaea, and of the Family, Nymphaeaceae, but as for the rest....  If any of you know for certain the correct name of this Water Lily, please let me know.  Thanks.

The books say: "An excellent water lily for the smallish pond. With modest growth, it spreads mid-green pads on the water interspersed with deep burgundy, cupped flowers, verging on black in the centre, with the outer petals slightly paler."

Whatever the books say, it is beautiful to look at and a pleasure to try to draw.  I hope my drawing managed to capture just a bit of the intense beauty of the real plant.  It is just one more marvellous example of the incredible complex artistry of our Creator -- an artistry that exists whether anyone even notices it or not.  Amazing!



This was Braden's first May long weekend and his folks saw to it that he had a great time.  (I think his parents had a good time too, especially Braden's Dad!).  

The weekend got off to an early start for Braden (as you know from my posting this past Sunday) as the family came to visit me on Friday.  As well, Braden got to visit with his grandparents, visit a petting zoo for the first time ever and even spend some quality time playing with what appears to be a "Tintinnabulating Quantum Jump Machine" (to borrow a title from a book by a dear friend)!

Here is a happy Braden in the arms of his Grand-Dad!

Braden's very first encounter ever with a goat!  He has yet to learn what  
goats do with those little protuberances on the top of their heads!

Here Braden works diligently on what I call his "Tintinnabulating Quantum Jump Machine"!! 

And finally, here is a photo of three generations:  Braden, his father (my godson) and me!  
What a happy day that was.



A look that never bodes well for me or for the furniture!
"Suki in Attack Mode", drawing by
Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2013
Suki, for some unknown reason, spent most of holiday Monday in attack mode!

It started early in the morning while I was trying to pray the Divine Office. I had perched myself in my recliner after getting up, feeding Suki and making myself a coffee.  I had just gotten started praying the Office of Readings when suddenly Suki came flying into the bedroom and leapt onto the bed.  I could see from her ears and posture that she appeared to just be getting started.  I was right.  Next she began to attack the blanket on the foot of my bed.  The next thing I knew she was under the blanket, then the blanket moved and with a flip both Suki and the blanket ended up on the rug!

A very surprised Suki struggled to get herself untangled and was soon sitting there trying to compose herself with a bit of grooming.  Having been completely distracted by this time from my prayers, I couldn't resist suddenly slapping the side of the chair making a loud, unexpected bang in the quiet morning.  As I figured it would, this caused Suki to leap up, instantly alert.  I couldn't help but laugh as I saw that her tail had also suddenly become as bushy as a bottle brush!  I called her name and she raced out of the bedroom as though a pack of hounds was after her.  I heard her sliding across the hardwood floor and the slight noise of tinkling glass as she slid into the base of the table causing the glasses sitting on the glass top to move ever so slightly.

For the next few minutes there was silence and I gladly returned to my prayers.  I  assumed that Suki had played herself out, but, no... suddenly here she comes again.  This time she launched herself onto the window sill where she sat for a minute or two peering through the blinds.  Then the next thing I knew, she had jumped from there back to the bed and started the whole process all over again.

I resigned myself to the possibility of experiencing a very unquiet morning and then went back to the Divine Office, proceeding with the psalms and prayers as best I could.  Well, Suki continued to have these outbursts throughout the rest of the morning and only settled down after I gave her a big lunch.  This seemed to do the trick and finally she and I both settled down for a long nap!

Since Monday, Suki has been her usual self and so things have been much quieter around here except for the three hours yesterday when Joycelyn was here (much to Suki's dismay).  I, on the other hand, was delighted to see Joycelyn again as she has been quite sick for almost a month now with pneumonia.  Thankfully, she is finally doing much better and was able to return to work on Tuesday.  Thankfully, her daughter has been substituting for her during these past weeks.

My health problems continue to be much the same.  I will say that the new puffer seems to be enabling me to breathe a lot more easily -- for which I am very grateful.  I still haven't heard from the respirologist, but I know for certain that she will be in the hospital today and so I am hopeful that she will get my message and finally give me a call.

Otherwise, I have an appointment at Mount Sinai on Friday with the doctor who is replacing the surgeon there who did my TMJ surgery back last October.  My surgeon, as you may recall, turned out to have been suffering from cancer when he performed the surgery on me and ended up passing away this January.  This will be the first time anyone at Mount Sinai has checked the results of my surgery since last November!  

I was supposed to have seen the surgeon who died in February, but, obviously, that was not possible.  I plan to point out several things regarding my previous treatment to this new doctor, as politely as possible of course, when I see him on Friday!!  I am hoping that by speaking up I may be able to keep other people from having to go through some of these same difficulties in the future.

Icon "St. Rita of Cascia" by the hand
of Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2013
Today is the feast day of St. Rita of Cascia.  I presented this icon of her much earlier this year.  Remember, she, like St. Jude, is known as the saint of the impossible!  So, don't hesitate to ask her to pray with you for anything you feel the Spirit is leading you to request -- no matter how impossible it may seem.  Evidently, St. Rita's intercessory prayer has been known to accomplish great things in Heaven and on earth.  She was truly always so very close to Our Lord Jesus here on earth and I am sure she continues to stay very close to Him in Heaven.  Dear St. Rita, pray for us.

And may the peace of God be with us all.

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