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Happy St. Boniface Day

"Christ Jesus with St. Joseph being taught a trade", drawing by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2013

What St. Joseph has to do with St. Boniface -- other than the fact that they are both saints -- is unclear!  While St. Joseph certainly did not know about St. Boniface, St. Boniface certainly knew about St. Joseph -- and, no doubt, asked for his intercession on numerous occasions as most Catholics do.  It is simply happenstance that I should be posting a new drawing of St. Joseph and the Christ Child on the day the Church remembers St. Boniface -- the day of his martyrdom in 755 A.D.

This new drawing is obviously not an icon and I did not approach this drawing as I would had it been an icon.  Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed working on it.  In fact, I even ended up with two versions of this drawing -- each version has a different background.  

Below is the other version which I have decided not to use as this time.  I am considering finishing it properly by drawing my own version of a carpenter's shop for the background.  We'll see...  If you have any comments to make about my choice, I would enjoy hearing them!

"Christ Jesus with St. Joseph being taught a trade", drawing by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2013
This version is using a background from my public domain sketches with a few additional touches drawn in by me.  I may decide at a later date to actually draw my own version of the carpenter's shop as show here, but for now I am using someone else's drawing as a temporary background in order to get an idea of how it might look.



Well, as usual in Braden's life, the play comes before the work!  

In the first photo, you can see him eyeing those swings.  Perhaps he is trying to decide which one he likes the best or maybe he is just watching to make sure that there is going to be one left for him.  Once he is in the swing, you can see by the expression on his face how very much he enjoys swinging.  Look at that smile!

Next comes the work:  Braden has to supervise his Mom as she fills the grocery cart with items.  His job is to make certain that only items he approves of go into the cart.  You can see by the look on his face that he is feeling quite exhausted after this task is finished.  I am not sure but now it may be time for him to have his afternoon siesta -- or as Braden refers to it:  his power nap!

Braden sizing up the situation in preparation for getting in a swing -- 
one of his favourite activities!

Here he is!  A happy man!  Swinging to his heart's content!

Braden sits as master of his universe!  You can tell that he is charge of something by that look on his face.  He has worked hard making sure that Mom buys the correct groceries! 
Now his job is done.



"Are you still there?  Please, no more photos.
I badly need my beauty sleep!"
Things continue in their usual way here at the home of Suki the Cat -- the home which she has agreed to share with me, mainly because I know how to get the food onto her plate!

One of Suki's interesting behaviours which I have been trying to remember to tell you about has to do with string!  That's right -- plain, ordinary, white string.  Suki has about three pieces of this string of various lengths -- not too long, long and extra long.  These strings have some large and interesting knots tied in them at intervals so that it would be impossible for Suki to swallow more than just a small amount of each cord -- in case she would ever be inclined to do so.

Suki "loves" these pieces of string and plays with them usually at least once each day.  My job is to collect the strings after she has grown tired to playing with them and return them to the holes in her big scratching post.  If I do not do this, she has her little ways of reminding me that I am not doing my expected tasks.

Normally, when she plays with the pieces of string, she removes them one at a time from the hole where I have placed them and goes "wild" with that one until she tires of it and then takes a rest.  Some days, she only plays with one or two of the pieces of string and is satisfied.  On other days she will find all three pieces during a period of an hour or so and drag each one to my bed where she goes through some fairly crazy gymnastics until she is ready for another nap.  She often lets me know that she is finished playing with them and that is my cue to return them to the place where they belong!

The strangest behaviour regarding these pieces of string, however, occurs whenever I go out for a while.  The length of the "while" really doesn't matter; what seems to matter is the fact that I have left Suki alone in the apartment.  At some point during my absence (and it must occur fairly soon after my leaving), she takes each piece of string and stretches it out full length across the floor so that those blessed pieces of string are the first things I see when I return home!  Next, I see that Suki has settled down in the chair by the front door to wait for me to come back.  

When I ask her why those pieces of string are there are on the floor, she usually looks at me sleepily and yawns before getting up from the chair, stretching lazily and then seeking to lead me towards the kitchen and fresh food.  If she passes closely by the pieces of string on the way, she may stop and take a sniff or two as though wondering how they could have gotten there and then continues on her way to the kitchen.  

Of course, it is understood that I will pick each piece of string up and return it to its proper place in preparation for the next time she is ready to play with it!  I would say that this cat has me really well trained, wouldn't you?

Other than being overworked by my cat, I am doing much the same as I was on Sunday.  I saw my family doctor on Monday and she graciously listened to my rant about my problems with getting this terribly expensive medication that I need.  She made a few suggestions about things I might try and also said she would do some investigating for me to see what she could find.  This young woman is turning out to be a decent family doctor for which I am very grateful.  

I don't have any more appointments now for a couple of weeks so I can devote my energies to other things.  

Meanwhile, let me apologize for the late hour at which this posting is being written.  Joycelyn was here for much of the morning and then I had to go and have some blood work done early this afternoon.  Later, while watching the evening news, I had a mild sleep attack and slept for over an hour.  So, I was really late in getting started.  Now here it is almost time for bed once again!

So, let us give thanks to God and ask St. Joseph and St. Boniface to pray for us that "we may have a restful night and a peaceful death" which is the prayer that always ends Night Prayer or the last Office of the day in the Church's Liturgy of the Hours.

May the peace of God be with us all.

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