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Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

"Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (Malvaceae)", drawing by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2013

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, commonly known as rose mallow, Chinese hibiscus, China rose and "shoe flower", is a species of flowering plant in the family Malvaceae, native to East Asia. Numerous varieties, cultivars, and hybrids are available, with flower colors ranging from white through yellow and orange to scarlet and shades of pink, with both single and double sets of petals.

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis was named by Carolus Linnaeus. The Latin term rosa-sinensis literally means "rose of China", though it is not closely related to the true roses. It is usually known among the Chinese as zhū jǐn 朱槿, which literally means "vermilion hibiscus". Hibiscus rosa-sinensis is the national flower of Malaysia, called Bunga Raya in Malay. The word bunga in Malay means "flower", while raya in Malay means "big" or "grand". The hibiscus is literally known as the "big flower" in Malay.

Hibiscus flowers are edible and are used in salads in the Pacific Islands. The flower is additionally used in hair care. It is also used to shine shoes in certain parts of India. It is also used for the worship of Devi, and the red variety is especially prominent, having an important part in tantra. In Indonesia, these flowers are called "kembang sepatu", which literally means "shoe flower". Hibiscus rosa-sinensis is considered to have a number of medical uses in Chinese herbology as well. 

 Historically, Hibiscus rosa-sinensis uses are many.  The plant is prescribed for many conditions, including the following: headache, toothache, ear ache, asthma, boils, burns, cough, fever, laxative,  menstrual irregularity, prostate disorders. Used in Haiti and St Lucia for inflammation, trauma, diarrhea. Juice is used in Mexico for prevention of diarrhea. Costa Rica used as a purgative. Venezuela used to treat tumors. Used as analgesic, anti-inflammatory to treat trauma throughout the Caribbean. In the Dominican Republic and Venezuela used to treat hematomas.

Pixel Perfect Software -- "Noise" removed,
edges highlighted

Next, I want to show you a new drawing of  Malvaviscus Arboreus Hibiscus var. drummondii.  The drawing (the large drawing just below) is simple and not particularly exciting (in my opinion).  So, I decided it would be fun to go to my special software -- which I have neglected for a long time -- and just play with the image.  Just above and following, therefore, are the results of this playfulness.  See which one you prefer, if any, and let me know.

"Malvaviscus Arboreus Hibiscus var. drummondii", drawing by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2013
This is the original drawing.

Pixel Perfect Software -- Special Effects Sepia

Here I selected "sepia: and this is the result.  I think the colours remaining are interesting but not very exciting.

Pixel Perfect Software -- Hue Correction

Here the "hue correction" selection gave me some lovely blues and lavender   

Pixel Perfect Software --
Inversion of Hue Correction

Once I had selected the "Hue Correction", I decided to select "Inversion" immediately after and so the inversion of the blue and lavender gave me the lighter shades of blue and gold with a bit of maroon in the centre.

Pixel Perfect Software -- Swirl Effect

Finally, I went back to one of the original versions and chose the special effect known as "Swirl" which gave me this image.  At this point I decided enough was enough!



Recently Master Braden was seen checking out various modes of transportation.  I understand that while he was particularly keen on getting his own new car so he could go cruising for girls whenever he wanted, he was convinced by his parents to wait until his feet could reach the pedals -- maybe next year!

Instead, he decided to go with a chauffeur-driven wagon.  This still allows for plenty of room should he meet an attractive young lady along the way and want to offer her a ride home. 

Here is Braden in his Radio Flyer.  This will be his new set of wheels for the coming year.  The only drawback is that a chauffeur is required; however with parents and grandparents around, there is usually no shortage of chauffeurs!

This is the ride Braden would really have preferred since he could drive himself whenever he was ready to go; however, his parents were able to convince him that it would be better to wait until his feet could reach the pedals -- plus a driver's license would also be helpful!



Suki sits waiting for whatever comes next
Suki, spent a relaxing morning sleeping first on the back of the sofa and then moving to her crow's nest bed in the bedroom (when company arrived for a visit).  Now, after a lunch-time snack, she has found her way into the back of the closet for the remainder of the afternoon.

To be honest, I must admit that she did spend about half an hour this morning chasing a play mouse and playing with one of her long, knotted strings so I can understand how this might be very tiring for her!  Ah, what a life.  

One of the funniest things that she has done recently involved my new "sleep mask".  I purchased this about 2 or 3 weeks ago in an effort to find some way to protect my eye during the night as it no longer closes properly.  I do find that it helps and so my eye is now less painful during the daytime.  

I knew instinctively that this mask with its elastic pieces would be very tempting to Suki so each morning I would carefully put it away in a place where I was sure she would not notice it.  However, one morning a couple of days ago as I hurriedly made the bed, I simply pushed the mask up in a small space on one side of my night table.  I noticed at the time that Suki was watching, but thought nothing of it as I did not expect her to know what I was doing or why.

Later that morning, I had to go out and do some errands and was gone for an hour or so.  As I returned home and opened the door, what should I find lying on the floor but my sleep mask!  The little rascal had seen me put something away and she must have been determined to find out what it was.  No doubt she was delighted to discover that it was something nice to play with!  Since then, I have been careful to put the mask away in a drawer!

As for me, I am continuing to be much the same.  

As I said last posting, I have a lot of appointments coming up next week with various doctors.  So, until then, I really have nothing new to report.  It will be these doctor's visits that will determine how well I am doing in the near future as I hope to be able to convince them to continue with certain treatments that seem to be working and to stop those that are not.  I am well prepared with all sorts of records and documentation as I have found that these things seem to work in my favour if presented during the actual doctor's visit -- when I am trying to make a definite point or achieve a definite result.  The more scientific the approach, the better the possibility of success.

Icon of "St. Anthony with the Christ Child"
by the hand of Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2010
Tomorrow is the Feast of St. Anthony.  He is a wonderful friend to have in Heaven as he always seems to be available to intercede for me, praying with me whenever I have problems of any kind.

Here is a favourite quote from St. Anthony: "The spirit of humility is sweeter than honey, and those who nourish themselves with this honey produce sweet fruit." 

Dear St. Anthony, pray for us.

May the peace of God be with us all, now and always.

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