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Water Lilies and Clematis -- Purple/Pink

"Genus Nymphaea of the Family Nymphaeaceae, North American Water Lily", drawing by 
Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2013

Nymphaeaceae is a family of flowering plants. Members of this family are commonly called water lilies and live as aquatic herbs in temperate and tropical climates around the world. The family contains eight large-flowered genera with about 70 species. The genus Nymphaea contains about 35 species in the Northern Hemisphere. The genus Victoria contains two species of giant water lilies endemic to South America. 

Water lilies are rooted in soil in bodies of water, with leaves and flowers floating on the surface. The leaves are round, with a radial notch in Nymphaea and Nuphar, but fully circular in Victoria. Horticulturally, water lilies have been hybridized for temperate gardens since the nineteenth century, and the hybrids are divided into three groups: hardy, night-blooming tropical and day-blooming tropical water lilies. The large number of these is unknown as many are hybridized in particular gardens without being reported.

"Family, Nymphaeaceae, Genus, Nymphaea, North American Water Lily",  
drawing by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2013

This drawing is one that I posted back on May 22nd.  The reason I am showing it again is because I have made a few important changes.  I changed the centre design by making it smoother and less defined. I also added green bottom "petals" circling the base of the flower plus large leaves resting in the water.  As well, I discovered that this particular water lily is quite possibly not "Black Princess".  For while the colour may be similar to some of the "Black Princess" cultivars photographed,  it really looks very different in some important ways.  I got the idea for this drawing from a photograph of an actual plant but have never seen another photograph quite like it.  So, the dilemma remains and, therefore, I will just continue to call it a North American Water Lily. 

"Clematis Pink Champagne 'kakio' ", drawing by 
Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2013 

Clematis is a genus of climbing vines with showy flowers. They are popular among gardeners, and over 200 species are known with more cultivars being produced constantly. 

Most species are simply known as Clematis in English, commonly they are also known as "Traveller's joy", "Old man's beard"  and "Virgin's bower", the last being a name used for some North American species. The genus name of Clematis is from Ancient Greek, klématis, meaning a climbing plant.

I have drawn this vine previously, but have yet to capture the aspect of it that most intrigues me.  Until I do, I guess you will continue to see new drawings of Clematis occasionally!


Artist leaves studio space, sells off work

Show started June 20th and runs until July 6th
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Brampton Guardian BRAMPTON— Local artist Rose Marie Nicolucci will move from her Beaux-Arts Brampton (BAB) studio at the end of June. Collectors and admirers of her work are invited to visit her studio space, 4b, through the month to purchase her original art at reduced prices. Nicolucci’s paintings have won awards at BAB’s 10th Anniversary Show, and a People’s Choice Award, in addition to awards at the Central Ontario Art Association Juried Shows in previous years. The local artist is clearing art inventory of original paintings, both acrylic canvases and watercolours, framed and unframed pieces. Some studio furniture and supplies will also be available. Visit Studio 4b at 74 Main St. N. during gallery hours— Tuesday to Friday, noon to 6 p.m.; Saturday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m..; extended summer hours are Thursday, noon to 9 p.m. and Sunday, noon to 5 p.m.  Nicolucci will continue to instruct workshops including Prepare Your Own Canvas and Frame-up Your Canvas, scheduled at Beaux-Arts Brampton June 22 and 29 as well as Introduction to Acrylics, and Paste, Paper, Pattern (Mixed Media) Sept. 23 through November 6. For more visit

Rose Marie, I just want to apologize.  I fully intended to post this much earlier; however, I forgot!  Anyway, better late than never I say.  As stated above, the event runs until July 6th so there is still a little bit of time for anyone who lives in the area and is interested.  There would have been a lot more available if I had remembered to post this when I planned to. 

I really do not know why your short-term memory gets so bad as we get older.  I can remember events from years ago in minute detail, but when it comes to the reason why I just hurried into the kitchen, I haven't got a clue!



Although I showed you this photo of Braden just a few postings ago, I am using it again for two reasons:  
1.  I really like this photo of Braden taking his first ever steps; and
2.  I don't have a new photo to show you!

The reason for posting an update on Braden anyway, however, is because this coming weekend he will be celebrating his first birthday!  The family is having an event on Saturday to which I am invited, but where they live is a place too difficult for me to reach without a car.  

I know that I will receive lots of photos taken during the party which I can share with you in my blog posting on Sunday.  

Happy 1st Birthday, sweet Braden.


Suki awakened from a nap and not very
happy about it!
Suki, of course, has no idea how hot is has been outside since she lives in air conditioning.  I have tried to explain it to her, but she just yawns and goes back to sleep!

Even when I come home, as I did today, dripping wet with perspiration, she still doesn't get it.  After all, cats don't sweat like humans do.  I did notice that she doesn't approve of my dripping onto her coat, however, as she thinks I am trying to sprinkle her with water.  Cats and humans may live together but we really inhabit very different universes!

Otherwise, Suki seems to be doing much the same as usual -- she has become quite predictable for the time being.  She begs for same food at the same times every day; she sleeps in the same places in the same order every day; she pulls out all her "toy" strings whenever I go out and leaves them spread across the floor -- usually in the same spots; and the list continues.  I tell her that she has a boring life, but she doesn't seem to mind.  In fact, being a true cat, she hates it whenever I do anything that changes her environment in any way and sometimes she even meows about it until I change it back!  What a nuisance.

As for me, I guess I am pretty predictable too -- especially these days when I have been spending most of my time inside.  This kind of muggy weather really makes it more difficult to breathe and I don't want to be using my puffers more than normally.  So I go out only when it is absolutely necessary, usually to keep an appointment. 

Which is what I did today, however, as I had an appointment at St. Mike's.  Even though it was so hot, I decided I wanted to attend noon Mass at the Cathedral prior to my appointment which I did.  Fortunately, the Cathedral had all of its big fans going and I was able to sit near one that kept me quite cool and comfortable.  Since I travelled back and forth by taxi, I managed to keep from getting overwhelmed by the heat although just a few moments in that sunshine was enough to activate all my sweat glands!  Wow!

Once back home, I had fully intended to go to the gym, but just happened to turn on the TV to see what was on EWTN before returning to work on this posting.  Unfortunately, for me and the gym that is, there was showing the second half of a very good movie, recently released, about Pope Pius XII during the time when Rome was occupied by the Nazis and about how much he and the Church did to protect the Jewish people by hiding them in convents and monasteries and even in the Vatican itself.  I had already seen the first half last week so the minute I saw what was on, I was hooked and now I still need to finish this posting!

The appointment today, by the way, was not strictly medical so there is really nothing to report on the health front.  Things remain much the same.  I did see the eye surgeon on Monday and since I do not want to have any more surgery at this time, he discharged me until I either change my mind or need to see him about some other issue regarding the previous surgery.  I will still be attending the Kensington Eye Institute, however, as my new ophthalmologist is there (my previous one has retired).  

So the remainder of the week should be really quiet for me other than the usual local things that need tending to.  I will have no excuse not to attend the gym for the remainder of the week and I am looking forward to doing so.

I pray that you all have a blessed remainder of the week.  I know that many of my Canadian readers are looking forward to this long weekend coming up when we will be celebrating Canada Day on July 1st.  I will be posting as usual on Sunday, however, as I will most likely be at home.

Paraphrasing somewhat the ancient Jewish blessing found in the Jewish Scriptures, let me say:  "May the Lord bless us and protect us; may the Lord's face shine with joy because of us; may the Lord be gracious unto us and show us His favour and grant us His peace. Amen."

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