Sunday, 25 August 2013

Gladiolus cardinalis -- I'm Back!

"Gladiolus cardinalis", drawing by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2013
[This is one of the first drawings I attempted once I started feeling a bit better.  
I was sure the bright red would lift my spirits -- and it did!!]

Gladiolus cardinalis grows on wet cliffs and waterfalls in the southwestern Cape area of South Africa and blooms in summer and is pollinated by the mountain pride butterfly. This plant seeks out moist niches, sometimes under waterfalls, as it grows in its native Drakensberg Mountains.  The rare Gladiolus cardinalis is one of the most spectacular of all Glads. This South African native screams for attention, with vivid red blooms splashed with white on the lower petals.  

Family: Iridaceae; Genus: Gladiolus; Species: cardinalis.



This past week I was invited to lunch at a local restaurant by two dear friends of mine.  One of those friends you have seen my write about previously -- my friend, Eugene.   Before we met that day, I had mentioned to Eugene that I really needed to laugh (I am convinced that the laughter which comes from pure joy and delight is a healing medicine).  

So, the moment I arrived at the restaurant (both friends arrived before I did!), I was handed a greeting card by Eugene which he had made just for me.  Below you see the cover of that card which did, indeed, give me a good laugh.  I hope it gives you a chuckle or two as well.

The cover of Eugene's greeting card



Recently, Braden's mom sent me two adorable photos which showed that sweet, adorable boy wearing his Aunt's sunglasses!  I really laughed when I first saw them.  What a cut-up that Braden is!

Of course, after I sat back and really took a good look at these photos, I realized that 14 month old Braden looks more like an 18 month old in these picture!  I finally decided that it's the teeth that make the difference.  He has so many of them already -- including molars -- and this makes him look older, to me, than his actual age. The teeth are especially evident in the 2nd photo of him.

And then there is that wild and wonderful hair...!  What a cutie he is.

Braden wearing his Aunt's sunglasses!

Braden wearing his Aunt's sunglasses #2



Let me introduce you to Suki's dolly.  She is a "Raggedy-Ann" type
Suki and her favourite doll
doll which I rescued from a bin at a Goodwill store some years ago.  

This doll has been held and played with by various children over the years, but she didn't belong to any one person until Suki came along!

This, by the way, is a love affair of recent origin.  Raggedy-Ann had been living in a plastic bag in the bedroom closet for the past several years as all my child visitors seem to have grown up during that time.  This time period coincides almost exactly with the years Suki has been living with me.

For some reason I cannot now recall, I brought Raggedy-Ann out of the closet a few weeks ago and she ended up spending the day sitting on my bed. Before that day was finished, it became obvious that Suki had adopted Raggedy-Ann.  I was aware that dogs often had a favourite doll or toy that they liked to have with them when they were going to sleep, but I really didn't realize that this attachment can also occur with cats!

So, in the photo above, you see Suki as she awakens from a nap and makes certain that Raggedy-Ann is nearby.  Soon after the photo was taken, Suki put her head down in Raggedy-Ann's lap and fell sound asleep again!  I wonder if she now dreams of adventures with her dolly companion?  Maybe they even meet up with Raggedy-Andy!  What a cat.

As for me, I must be doing better because here I am writing in my blog again.  For the time being, I will only plan to publish every Sunday.  I have been working hard at getting better since I posted the comments I made back at the beginning of August.  

I returned to the gym on a pretty regular basis.  I began taking a new medication for staying awake during the daytime and it seems to be working at the moment.  I know that the dosage will have to be increased as I am still have mild sleep attacks, but so far no more bad falls.  Hopefully this drug will continue to work and not fade away as the previous one did.

I am also busily trying more unusual things for the Restless Leg problems.  I have actually discovered a Naturopathic remedy that seems to be helping to give me a bit of relief in my legs.  As a matter of fact, there are two of these Bach Flower remedies that actually seem to have a positive effect on this condition.  I must admit that previously I never gave such remedies serious consideration!  You might even have called me a "scientific snob"!

I have also purchased a Revitive Circulation Booster.  You may have seen this product advertised on TV.  It is basically a TENS machine for feet and lower legs.  It also includes TENS pads so that the user can stimulate certain areas of the body.  I have only been using it for a few days now, but have already found some real relief after the stimulation -- especially when I put the pads directly on the calf muscles.  

It was a bit expensive, but I am at the point of being willing to do almost anything to get some relief for this long-term problem.  It is just the most agonizing thing when there is no real relief, day after day,  from a painful or distressing condition.  Now I am actually having 45 to 60 minutes of time when I am not suffering with this condition.  What a joy that is for me and how grateful I am that the things that I have tried recently actually seem to be helping.

So, even though I still spend some time complaining to God about my Job-like existence, I am now, once again, a bit more willing to accept whatever He permits in my life.  I hope to get to Confession this week as I now have quite a list to bring to Our Lord in the confessional after these past weeks of trying to sort out my life with all its problems.  Thank you for your prayers.  Please continue to pray for me.  I will also continue to seek to offer my sufferings and distress in union with Our Lord on the cross for your needs and intentions.  May this be a source of blessing for us all.

And, finally, may the peace of God be with us all -- today and always.

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