Sunday, 1 September 2013

Our Lady of the Sunset

"Our Lady of the Sunset", drawing by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2013

Once again I have done a drawing of Mother and Child.  By the halo above their heads, I have signified that this mother and child are, in fact, Our Blessed Mother and her precious Son, Jesus.

As always, I had a painting to use as my model and, as usual, I do not know the name of the artist!  I find these images on the Internet and they end up in a bunch of images when I put in the search terms for "Blessed Mother and Child" or simply "Mother and Child".  Unfortunately, when I click on the title associated with the image, I am often taken to such places as a posters for sale web site or someone else's blog where the image has been used in an article but without giving any name or identification with the painting.

Of course, my drawing is not the other artist's drawing (or painting) but still I would very much like to give credit to the artist who inspired me -- even if they lived hundreds of years ago.  It just seems right some how.

Ah, well, the purpose of my blog is to show you my art work as I finish it not to fret about the lack of details on the Internet!  So here is a new image of Our Lady and her Child.  I am almost certain that I now have enough new images so that I can go ahead and begin to prepare my 2014 calendar called "Images of Our Lady, 2014".  

I still need just a few more flower drawings before I have enough, however.  For that calendar, I like to use drawings that are in the "landscape" position and which easily make a visual impact.  I should soon have enough of those as well for the calendar entitled, "Flowers, 2014".

At any rate, I hope you like this new drawing of Our Lady.



Braden, along with his parents and grandparents, is now in Cuba! Yes, he is on his very first trip.  Just think of all the "first" things that he is experiencing and going to experience just on this one trip: the beach and the ocean, shells, people speaking Spanish, and so many more!  I am looking forward with great delight to all the photos of him that his mother will send me when they return.  

I predict that he will be very excited by the ocean just as I was at his age!

Farmer Braden is busy about his farm work.  It is really difficult to drive the tractor when your feet do not even reach the pedals!  However, this doesn't stop him from putting in a full day!
(Actually, he was at a park of some sort which had animals and farm equipment)

Here we see Braden trying to figure out what kind of dog this is.  It looks like the real thing but it doesn't do anything!  I am told by reliable witnesses that Braden stood there saying "woof, woof" for some time before he gave up and decided that this dog was a waste of his time!!



My great-niece isn't even quite a teenager yet but has already done a cross-country run -- in which she did quite well!  According to her grandmother (my sister, Janet), she came in 4th out of 50+ girls, running two miles in a little over 15 minutes!  I would say that is pretty good.  

She is also a crackerjack soccer player.  I wouldn't be at all surprised if she ends up being offered a sports scholarship when it comes time to go to university although she will undoubtedly be offered an academic one as well!  Can you tell that I am quite proud of my dear great-niece?!

Here is my great-niece crossing the finish line in her first cross-country run.  
I think the lady in the red Capri pants and sunglasses is my sister.  
She appears to be clapping enthusiastically!



Let me tell you about the latest antics of this crazy cat of mine!
Suki asleep under the blanket at the bottom of the bed

This first photo shows Suki sound asleep under a blanket with only her back exposed. This blanket, by the way, is placed over the quilt each morning in an effort to keep Suki from getting so many cat hairs on it.  As you can see, the plan is not working!

I do not know why Suki has lately taken to crawling under a blanket when she wants to sleep, but, as the photographic evidence shows, this is just what she is doing!

Suki in the process of waking up
After a couple of hours, Suki begins to awaken.  However, she does not simply move out from under the blanket at the bottom of the bed.  Oh, no, this would be far to simple and would not enable her to spread lots of cat hair on my comforter!

Instead, she begins crawling from the bottom of the bed to the top, all the while under the blanket. When she finally reaches the top, she sleepily pokes her head out and is quite pleased to discover her favourite doll is right beside her.  Meanwhile, I have watched her progress with extreme unhappiness as I realize that her manner of movement is going to make it necessary for me to take the sticky roll to my comforter before bedtime!

Suki now fully awake and looking like she
is ready for play!
Finally, here she is fully awake with a look on her face which says to me:  "I am ready for play" or "I am ready to eat" -- whichever one it is does not interest me in the least; however, I know that she is now ready to pester me until I do one or the other.  

What a cat is my Suki girl!

As for Sallie, well I would have to say that things remain pretty much the same -- unfortunately.  Although, I must say, in all honesty, that last evening was the first time in months that I was not severely bothered by RLS!  I was even able to go to bed and fall asleep quickly without any additional herbal remedies to help me to get past the RLS and fall asleep.  I am uncertain why this occurred, but, as you can imagine, I was extremely grateful to God.  I figure someone must have been really praying for me last night.  Thank you whoever you are.  Now I will have to see what the Lord allows to happen to me today!

Otherwise, the only medical excitement this past week was seeing my ophthalmologist.  After his examination, he ended up giving me a prescription for a prism to be placed in the left lens of my reading glasses, temporarily, to see if this will help to correct some of the double vision I experience now.  They ground the prescription onto this piece of plastic looking stuff that can be temporarily attached to the lens so that the patient can see whether it really helps or not. The optometrist was a bit uncertain about the way the doctor had written the prescription but he went ahead and had the prism ground according to how he read the prescription.  

Yesterday, I went by the store to pick up my glasses and when I tried them on, the double vision was even worse!  Fortunately, the optometrist did not expect me to pay for this as it was not satisfactory.  Instead, he gave me back the prescription and asked me to call the ophthalmologist on Tuesday and see what the prescription is really supposed to be, explaining to my doctor 
that the optometrist was unable to read it!  Talk about doctors and their bad handwriting!

Finally, I would like to show you the gift that I made for a dear friend of mine whose birthday was this past week.  I saw her a couple of days before the actual birthday and I was able to give her the card I had made along with the gift shown below.  

This is one of her favourite prayers and it has become one of mine. The prayer with its decorative border was printed on magnetic paper and cut out by me.  So it is actually a fridge magnet.  I think she was pleased with my effort because she mentioned that she might like to order some more copies of this for other people with whom she has shared this prayer.  

Anyway, let me close this posting with the "Welcoming Prayer".  It is a simple prayer but it is very difficult to pray -- especially when we are in the midst of circumstances where we feel totally out of control and helpless.  For most of us, including me, all we want at that point is to find some way to regain a feeling of having some control over our lives and over what is happening.  Please read the prayer slowly and then, thinking of some situation in your life that is currently beyond your control and which is bothering you, try to really pray it, meaning what you are saying.  If you are able to do this then at the end you will be able to truly turn the situation over to God and say:  "I let go and I let God".

The "Welcoming Prayer" designed by Sarah "Sallie: Thayer, 2013

Peace be with you.

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