Sunday, 16 February 2014

Mother and Son Picking Olives

"Mother and Son Picking Olives", drawing by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2013

Here is another attempt on my part to correctly draw the relationship of adult to child -- heads, hands and body mass.  Even though I am not yet satisfied with this drawing, I am going to go ahead and post it.  

Of course, you may, indeed, see this drawing again in the future as I continue to feel inclined to rework everything in it.  Why? Basically, because I am still not satisfied with the drawing, especially with the boy's body -- arm length, leg length, hand size, etc.  Fortunately, since I am drawing on a computer screen, I can rework things over and over again without the lines becoming messy and the colours becoming muddy!

The idea for this drawing came from a painting showing a mother holding her toddler-sized son.  As I began to work on the drawing, however, I asked myself, "why would a mother be standing there, holding her child -- a child obviously old enough to stand on his own two feet?" 

As you probably suspect, whenever I am working on a drawing of a mother with her son, I am always very mindful of Our Blessed Mother and her Son, Our Lord Jesus.  So when I was trying to decide what I might have this mother and son doing, I couldn't help but ask myself:  "what are some tasks that Our Lady and her young Son might have done together?" 

So, I decided that they might very well have gone olive picking together.  Thus, I gave the drawing an olive tree filled with olives ready for the picking.  The story in my head continued by seeing them under the olive trees where, since there was no ladder present, the mother held her son up in her arms so that he could reach the ripe olives on the higher branches and together they could place them in a basket.  

At first, my plan was to show the mother's full body, including her sandalled feet.  However, as I tried placing her on the canvas (my computer screen), I realized that everything was going to end up being much smaller than I would normally prefer for this type of drawing.  So, I "cut" the mother's body off just above the knees in order to give me the right-size images for the scene I had in mind.

At any rate, here is the result of what is basically the first draft. Any comments or suggestions on the drawing would be very much appreciated -- especially any remarks that might help me when I start working on the next draft.



I came across a photo of some calla lilies growing in the shade of a very interesting tree.  As I have mentioned previously, many times, I am very fond of calla lilies and also very fond of trees -- especially unusual-looking ones.  So, when I saw the photo, I knew I wanted to try to do my own drawing of the scene, combining these two types of living things and see what I could create.

Here is the result below.  I am not really sure yet what I think about the finished drawing.  I have tried using the drawing on a couple of greeting cards I needed to send and it does seem to make an interesting card cover.  See what you think...

"Calla Lilies and Morning Sunshine", drawing by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2014



I watched a video this past week of a sleek-looking, young black cat -- he looked like Suki did when I first brought her home. Evidently, this cat had been raised in a home with a owl and the two seemed to enjoy spending the day together.  

At any rate, the cat certainly enjoyed himself as he seemed to consider the owl to be a rather large cat toy with claws and a sharp, sharp beak!  The owl certainly tolerated the cat's behaviour and even teased the cat a bit occasionally; however, more often than not, the owl seemed to get tired of the young cat's antics.  When that happened, the owl would just up and fly away, circling overhead -- of course, this tormented the cat even more and there were some wonderful scenes showing the cat leaping high into the air in a futile effort to grab the owl in mid-flight!  

Anyway, the video made me think of how active and slim Suki was when she first came to my home and so my guilt, brought on by knowing that I overfeed her and don't play with her very often, drove me to find her favourite toy mouse on a stick and shake it at her playfully.  Suki was delighted by this and began running and jumping just like a young kitten.  I, on the other hand, had completely forgotten how tiring such activities could be for me -- especially for my arthritic hands and wrists!

Soon the pain set in and after a few more minutes, I had to stop. Suki was not pleased and even though I tried to explain to her about arthritis and pain and such things, she did not really seem to comprehend what I was saying.  Instead, she walked slowly away, crawled into the back of the bedroom closet and went to sleep. Fortunately, cat's do not seem to remember such small events for very long and so by the time she finally reappeared several hours later, begging for food, there was no more sulking.

At the moment, she is having her third Sunday morning nap.  The first two naps were taken in the living room as that is where I was sitting and listening to things on my iPad after Suki had her breakfast.  While listening to the iPad, I felt thirsty and got up to go into the kitchen and get some water which meant that nap #1 was interrupted as Suki came running into the kitchen just in case I had plans to feed her!  When I sat back down again with my water, Suki settled down for nap #2.  Later, when I came into my little office area in the other room, Suki had to follow, of course, and is now sleeping soundly in a chair nearby -- thus nap #3.

As for me, I am pretty much the same as I have been these past several months.  Although I did have two doctors' appointments this past week, both were follow-up type appointments with nothing new to report -- just finding out how certain new medications were working or not.  There was the consult with the gastroenterologist this past Tuesday which I mentioned in last Sunday's posting, but that was an appointment to prepare me for the upcoming test.  I did have lots of blood work done, but I have no results from them as yet.

The important appointment is the coming Thursday when I have the upper G.I. procedure at St. Mike's Hospital.  A dear friend from my building is going with me as I may be a bit out of it by the time I start home (they use mild sedation for these procedures).  Then it will be a matter of waiting for a report on the findings.  I am really hoping that something will be found that can help explain these new symptoms I have had since the end of last October.  

Otherwise, things continue as usual.  I seldom get out now except for medical appointments.  This is due both to the extremely cold weather we have been having as well as the increasing pain I now have in my neck/spine and legs.  There is also the unusual weakness and fatigue that I am continuing to experience.  So, I am truly living pretty much like a hermit these days and while I may grumble about the situation occasionally, Suki is delighted that she has almost constant companionship!


It is almost time for the good people from St. Michael's Cathedral to arrive with the Blessed Sacrament.  I will be praying for you all as the Lord comes to meet me in Holy Communion.  May the days ahead be filled with peace, joy and abundant blessings for each and every one of us.  

Finally, I pray that all my readers who live in my area of the world, 
will have a wonderful Family Day holiday tomorrow.  Everything will be pretty much shut down as it is on Christmas and New Year's and, hopefully, this will give families the opportunity to spend some quality time together.   Amen.

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