Sunday, 2 March 2014

Another Mother and Son

"Mother with Son Wrapped in a Quilt", drawing by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2014

Well, here is another drawing of a mother with her child.  There is a bit of a difference in this drawing, however, from those other "mother and child" efforts done recently.  The difference is that my concept of what I was attempting to illustrate was not the same as previous efforts.  In this drawing, I was thinking of a mother trying to care for her very sick son.

I am not sure why this seemed to be important to me -- maybe because I have been so sick and am having such difficulty getting better.  At any rate, whatever the reason, I hope some of what I was feeling comes across to you, the viewer.

As is obvious from the way the woman is dressed, the painting that inspired my efforts and which I used as my "model", was done in the 1800s.  I mainly used the painting for the placement of the two figures and not much else.  The wicker chair I added, is drawn in an attempt to depict a style popular during the "Victorian" era. Such chairs were often used for patio and lawn furniture during that time -- just as they are today.

The child, in my mind a boy, is wrapped warmly in a quilt.  Even though the scene shows a sunny day, warm enough for sitting outside, the child still feels cold and so his mother has wrapped him warmly.  The mother's face shows, I hope, that kind of inner reflection which hangs onto hope while the boy's face shows some of that tiredness which comes with prolonged illness.

As I worked on this drawing, I realized that the story I was trying to tell in this work has an uncertain ending -- I did not know if the child was going to get better or die.  The ending of his life is an uncertain as the ending of each of our lives... we always think we have plenty of time and yet each additional day can be seen as an undeserved gift from the hand of God -- a gift that may be equal to 24 hours or not...

So, I will leave it to you, the viewer, to decide how the story will end. That should be the option of any art work that depicts the human condition: the viewer is given the opportunity to decide what the images mean, what story the images are telling and how that story will end.



And so begins another Lenten Season.

Inside the parish bulletin that the kind folks from the Cathedral brought with them today, there was an insert about Lent.  The insert did not contain anything unexpected; however, it did point out the aspects of Lent in a very succinct manner.  I quote:  "Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving -- are the three things we need to work on during the season.  Lent is essentially an act of prayer spread out over 40 days... Fasting is actually a form of penance that helps us turn away from our usual self-indulgent lifestyle... [and] Almsgiving is about reaching out to others in compassion as we seek to share in the experience of God's unconditional love." 

Icon "Mother Do Not Weep for Me", by the hand of Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2013

Lent is a time of "giving of ourselves in the midst of our suffering and self-denial which, we pray, will bring us closer to loving like Christ, who suffered and poured himself out unconditionally on the cross for all of us."

I pray that we may all enter upon this Lent's "way of the cross" so fully that come Easter Morning, we, too, will share, in some meaningful way, in the Resurrection of the Lord.  Amen.



Suki in one of her favourite chairs!

I apologize, but I am not going to try to say too much today either about Suki or myself -- I am really just not feeling up to it.

Suki continues to look after me and stays with me day and night as I try to get comfortable and get a bit of sleep each night -- neither of which come easy for me at this time.  

Patiently, she follows me from room to room as I make my way through each day and night.  This is especially apparent late at night until the early morning hours when I often end up having to change my place for sleeping every little while.  As I move, Suki moves -- taking up her position nearby. Each time I awaken, I see her eyes open and watching me.  What an excellent companion I have been given.

I should be getting the results of the biopsy this week and, then, hopefully, the doctors will be able to begin some kind of treatment for my stomach that will bring a bit of relief.  I will let you know in next Sunday's posting.

Meanwhile, I will continue to pray that we may all experience that peace which is beyond human understanding in the days ahead -- that peace which God alone can give.  Amen.  

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