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Bouvardia laevis

"Bouvardia laevis -- 'Mexican Firecrackers' ", drawing by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2015

Bouvardia is a genus of about 30 species of evergreen herbs and shrubs in the family Rubiaceae, native to Central America (Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama) where it is found up to an altitude of 4400 metres.

Bouvardia, formerly listed under the generic name of Aeginetia, was given the name, Bouvardia, in honour of Charles Bouvard, the personal physician to Louis XIII and the superintendent of the Royal Gardens in Paris. These 4-petaled, star-like flowers grow in clusters on thin, branching stems, like small flower bouquets in soft shades of pink, white, yellow, salmon and red. In the language of flowers, Bouvardia, with its delicate scent and refined appearance, is said to represent the quality of “enthusiasm.”

Bouvardia laevis, the particular variety of Bouvardia featured in today's drawing, is a small shrub with dark green leaves and yellow/salmon coloured flowers. Although this is a hot weather plant, it prefers to grow in the shade of large trees so that it is protected from too much direct sunlight.

The species name of laevis means "smooth" in Latin.  I assume that this refers either to the texture of the flowers or the leaves or both.

"Bouvardia ternifolia -- Firecracker 
Bush", drawing by Sarah "Sallie"
Thayer, 2010

I did some drawings of Bouvardia back in 2010.  One was a cultivar named "Royal Daphne" and the other was the "Firecracker Bush".  As you can see from the drawings below, they both share the Bouvardia identifiers of 4-petaled, star-like flowers growing in clusters on branching stems. 

"Bouvardia X domestica -- 'Royal 
Daphne' ", drawing by Sarah
"Sallie" Thayer, 2010

While looking at the drawings done in 2010, I realized that I must have re-worked both of them at some point since then as they are not exactly the same as the drawings I originally posted.  What can I say... you know me well enough by now to know that I am never fully satisfied with any drawing that I do!

Botanical information on Bouvardia laevis was taken from various Internet sources.


Here are some new photos of "my boys" looking as good as ever!

A car for each hand!  Things don't get much better than this unless.... (see next photo) are getting to ride on a motorcycle-go-around, dreaming of the day when you just
might have your very own "bike"!

"Captain Adventure" is on the move -- watch out everyone!

"OK, I am ready for my next adventure ... what mischief shall I get into next?!"



Suki's Dilemma:  "Should I get up or just go
back to sleep?"
Suki has had a quiet week which means I have had a quiet week as well.

The only exciting event which occurred for Suki was when my very dear friend, G, sent me a photo which she had taken recently with her iPad. How, you may well ask, was this an exciting event for a cat? Well, it was because the photo contained an image of an black cat that happens to be G's new neighbour!

G's New Neighbour, (iPad Photo by G.W.)

When I called Suki over to take a look at my computer screen, on which I had the photo displayed, she exhibited a great deal of interest in the screen. Of course, since I'm really not sure just what Suki sees when she looks at things, I can't be certain that her interest was due to the fact that she could see another cat. Perhaps she was just excited because I was, for once, allowing her to actually get up close and personal with my laptop computer (I usually am very careful to keep her away from it otherwise she will try and sleep on the warm keyboard).

Anyway, after a great deal of sniffing, she sat down on my desk, yawned, licked her fur in a few places and then proceeded to go to sleep -- right next to my laptop keyboard!

The only exciting thing I did this week was visit the specialist who looks after my asthma.  While I was there, he asked me to have another lung function test -- yuck. 

After I had completed the test, he informed me that my lung function had not changed over the past months.  He concluded the visit by giving me a prescription to cover my medication for the next six months -- which means that I won't have to have this test again until my next appointment with him in March of next year -- Hooray, hooray! 



"Icon -- Let the Children Come to Me", by the hand of Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2015

Jesus and his disciples left from there and began a journey through Galilee, but he did not wish anyone to know about it. He was teaching his disciples and telling them, “The Son of Man is to be handed over to men and they will kill him, and three days after his death the Son of Man will rise.” But they did not understand the saying, and they were afraid to question him. They came to Capernaum and, once inside the house, he began to ask them, “What were you arguing about on the way?” But they remained silent. They had been discussing among themselves on the way who was the greatest. Then he sat down, called the Twelve, and said to them, “If anyone wishes to be first, he shall be the last of all and the servant of all.” Taking a child, he placed it in the their midst, and putting his arms around it, he said to them, “Whoever receives one child such as this in my name, receives me; and whoever receives me, receives not me but the One who sent me.” Mk. 9:30-37

Very young Syrian and Iraqui refugees
(taken from U.N. photos online)
However we choose to respond to the world's current refugee crisis is between us and our own conscience.  However, those who profess to be followers of Christ need to carefully take note of the last verse from today's Gospel:  "Whoever receives one child such as this in my name, receives me; and whoever receives me, receives not only me, but the One who sent me."

May I put aside my fears and join with others in welcoming the stranger, the homeless, the orphan and especially the children -- just as He has always done and will always do.


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