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Blue Marguerite Plus One Repeat

"Felicia amelloides - Blue Marguerite", drawing by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2017

Continuing with the presentation of my recent drawing of blue flowers...

Blue Marguerite

Felicia amelloides, commonly known as Blue Marguerite or Blue Daisy, is a species of flowering plant of the family Asteraceae. It is native to South Africa. 

Felicia amelloides has a rather confusing history when it comes to plant taxonomy or plant classification. It is synonymous with, and formerly known as, Felicia aethiopica, Aster amelloides, Aster capensis and Aster coelestis.  Thankfully, the Blue Marguerite continues to produce its beautiful blue flowers without any thought for the confusion of botanists!

Felicia amelloides is an evergreen “shrublet” which usually grows to about 50 cm in height. It is densely branched with dark stems, and rough, green leaves. It produces striking blue composite flowers with prominent yellow centres, about 30 mm in diameter which are borne on long, naked stalks. 

The genus name, Felicia, is taken from the surname of Herr Felix, a 19th century German official of Regensburg. As well, Felicia, derived from the Latin word “felix”, means “happy” or “good fortune”. The species name, amelloides means “like Amellus”. Amellus was the Latin word for the purple aster (Aster amellus).

Woodland Forget-Me-Not

"Myosotis sylvatica -- Forget-me-not", drawing by Sarah "Sallie" Thayer, 2017

From the blog posting of 2 June 2010 (revised and expanded):  

The proper name for this lovely, little plant is Myosotis sylvatica – commonly called Woodland Forget-Me-Not. It is a member of the Family Boraginaceae. Although native to Britain and Europe, these fragile flowers are now widely distributed throughout the temperate regions of the world. 

There are a number of legends and superstitions regarding these flowers: 

According to a Greek legend, when the Creator thought he had finished giving all the flowers their colours, he heard one whisper "Forget me not!" Sadly, there were no colours left except a very small amount of bright blue which the flowers of the Forget-Me-Not received gratefully and were ever-after delighted to wear. 

In medieval times, Forget-Me-Not flowers were often worn by ladies as a sign of faithfulness and enduring love. 

In 15th-century Germany, it was supposed that the wearers of these flowers would not be forgotten by their lovers. 

The common English name "Forget-Me-Not" was taken from the German name for this plant, Vergissmeinnicht. It was first used in English when King Henry IV adopted the flower as his symbol during time spent in Prussia in 1398 and he retained this symbol upon his return to England the following year. 

The genus name, Myosotis, comes from a classical Greek name meaning “mouse ear” applied to plants with short pointed leaves. The specific epithet, sylvatica, is from the Latin (by way of the Greek) meaning “woodland- or forest-loving”.

Portions of the above text were taken from various Internet sources.


Suki in hypervigilant mode after a
very, very difficult week.
Miss Suki enjoyed almost 10 days of normalcy and peace after my last posting; however, on the 10th day following that January 7th posting, pandemonium ensued!

Suddenly, without any prior warning, my apartment was invaded by our maintenance manager and two plumbers. Evidently, there was a leak in my neighbour's unit which shares a wall with my bathroom.  After a bit of investigation, it was determined that my walk-in/roll-in shower unit was to blame as a crack had developed in one side of the stone flooring which was allowing water to seep through into the next unit and even into the wall below me in my building's back lobby.  

After a bit more investigation, it was also discovered that the water had seeped into the back of my bedroom closet.  At the time the plumbers went to investigate, they discovered poor Suki in the back of the closet and had to ask me to please come and remove her as she was growling and hissing at them.  After I had removed her, gently transferring her to the hallway closet, the plumbers proceeded to cut out a section of the wall in the back of the closet in order to confirm the extent of the leak.  Thankfully, they carefully taped the wall section back in place after finishing or else I might have lost poor Suki between the walls!

The following day, the maintenance manager arrived with the general contractor she uses who, I was informed, would be repairing both the shower and the closet wall.  He quickly went ahead and repaired the cracks in the shower base; however, when he was ready to start the repairs on the bedroom closet wall, there was a problem.  You guessed it -- a belligerent Suki was, once again, hiding out in the back of the closet.  As I had done the previous day, I gently removed her from her beloved hiding spot and placed her in the hall closet where she hid out for the duration.

The repairman went away only to return later to inspect his work in order to make certain that things were drying properly.  A short while after that, the maintenance manager returned to inspect the repairman's work.  After she left, it took about an hour for Suki to make her way out of the hall closet.  She cautiously checked out each room of my unit, spending a lot of time sniffing at the repair made in "her closet".  I felt so sorry for her that I didn't have the heart to mention that the maintenance manager planned to return the next day in order to replace a part of my shower unit that she had noticed was also not functioning properly.

Finally, on Thursday afternoon, peace and quiet returned to my home.  All things have been repaired.  

Now, three days later, Suki has finally begun to relax although she still remains just a bit nervous whenever there are any noises from the hallway outside the apartment.  What she doesn't know, of course, is that some time in the next few weeks, a workman will be coming in to repaint the back wall of my bedroom closet where the plastering repair has been made to the hole cut into the wall.  Poor Suki -- in this case, ignorance is truly bliss!

As for me, things continue to be as usual although I did have one bit of good news.  When I went to see the respirologist this past week, he informed me that he felt that my asthma was stable enough for me to go one year before coming back to see him.  So, he sent me on my way with a prescription for a year's repeats of my puffers and an appointment scheduled for January, 2019.

I am expecting a dear friend to visit later this week while, next week, I have several medical appointments.  I can only hope that the results of these follow-up medical appointments will be as positive as the outcome of my visit to the respirologist. Joycelyn continues to assist me so very ably.  As well, I never miss my Friday visit with my friend, Sharon or my weekly phone conversation with my very special friend, Gra┼╝yna. 

Even though my legs and feet continue to cause me almost constant discomfort, at least the worst of the associated pain seems to be more or less under control for the time being.  One of the best results of this current pain management is that I am now able to sleep for at least six hours each night with being awakened by pain.  For this I am very grateful.

Meanwhile, I wish all of you a happy (and pain free) two weeks until I post again.



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